We Welcome All Faiths

The Interfaith Network is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization under the laws of the State of Washington. Its mission is to support and promote interfaith cooperation, understanding, social interaction through education, service and celebration.

Vision, Mission, Goals  


A world in which all faith traditions and communities are honored, respected and celebrated, working together to bring peace and harmony to the world.


Sponsor, support and promote interfaith activities and programs that foster cooperation, understanding, social interaction and individual spiritual growth among people of all faiths.


  • Discover common ground among faith and spiritual traditions
  • Understand and respect the differences between faith and spiritual traditions
  • Build relationships between faith and spiritual communities
  • Inspire participation in interfaith programs and events
  • Celebrate, enjoy, and learn from one another


Support Us

Join us for a Network meeting, share your ideas for future interfaith events, and or assist us in our building of our internet presence   and more…

We are seeking individuals and or groups interested in forming interfaith and spiritual educational forums.

We are looking forward to broadcasting your interfaith inclusive events, with diverse faith & spiritual traditions.

We are a non profit 501(c)3. We accept donations for the future of interfaith collaboration and cooperation.  


The Interfaith Network Brochure:

Click here if you would like a printable brochure