How Christian T-Shirts Designs Are Changing Evangelism in 2019

Kerusso Move Mountains Christian T-Shirts
Move Mountains Christian T-Shirts Designs

What better way to express your faith this Autumn then with these best-selling Christian t-shirts. Here’s a funny little factoid – something you may never have thought about before. We have a north pole, a south pole but not an east or west pole – How come? A little quirk in the space time continuum? A glitch in the globe? Or maybe an intentional ‘oversight’ to teach us a valuable lesson capture by this cool East West Christian tee shirt?

See you can only go north so far and you reach a pole, if you go any farther, you’re going south But you can go east all day long and never get there! Same thing in the other direction – head for the west and you can ride till the wheels fall off your scooter, but you never get there!

God doesn’t just take our sins a little ways away and leave ‘em where we can still see ‘em. Instead, He takes them “As far as the EAST is from the WEST.” (Psalms 103:12) Just how far is that? We may never know – and that’s exactly the point! Don’t even bother looking, God says, ‘cause even if you found the place, He chucked them into the sea. (Mic 7:19) What a glorious truth worth sharing with others with these Jars Lights Cherished Girl Christian T-shirts with Scripture.

The only thing He requires is that we turn away from our sins and ask for forgiveness. (1 John 1:9) Then He is gracious, loving, faithful and just to remove our sins. Any how they really get in the way and God doesn’t want them around either. (Isa 59:2) So what are you waiting for – hand ‘em over. love. We invite you to use our Notw Christian t-shirts are a powerful witnessing tool in 2019.